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The United States relies on imports for dozens of commodities in everyday use. Often enough, that reliance is 100%. In this book I aim to provide awareness of the hidden geology and mineralogy behind common things, and to develop an appreciation for the global resource distribution that underpins our society. While concerns about oil import reliance are in the news every day, our needs for other minerals are comparable and are typically unknown even to technologically aware Americans.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Uranium imports at 91%


Lucinda Bilya said...

Hi Richard!

I was trying to read your latest blog entry and kept looking for more beyond the title "Uranium imports at 91%" and couldn't find anything more.

Is that it?

So, how have you been doing lately? Any new books?

I have recently finished another novel and decided to toss it up in the air for Indie Publishing at CreateSpace on Amazon.

I also built a new website because the server to my old must have blown a fuse and now that site is floating around in cyberspace like spacejunk. I couldn't update it or even access it.

So, I packed up the furniture and moved over to Weebly.com, a FANTASTIC website. So easy a child could do it.

I have a new blog on my site, too. All mine...in power...Weebly is an awesome website host.

So, come on by and drop a line or two at:



Lucinda Bilya said...

Hi Richard,

does this thing still work?

I just typed out a very long response. Guess it was too long. I vanished when I clicked on the submit button.

I looked for more to your last blog entry, but guess your title says it all. I did follow the link to the external site. Interesting.

I have been busy lately - working, writing a new novel, publishing with CreateSpace and built a new website: http://lucindabilya.weebly.com.

Weebly.com is a wonderful place to build and play. I have a new blog attached to my new website, too.

drop by sometime and say hello


Richard Gibson said...

Hi Luci, yes, both your notes came through. It was just that link, nothing more. I've been focused on a totally different book, on Butte History - http://buttehistory.blogspot.com/ which should be out within a month or so. I did see your post and your new web site - looks good. Summer is my busy time, historic walking tours, trolley driving, and more, so little time.

Keep on writing!